GameServer Pod Service Accounts

RBAC permissions and service accounts for the GameServer Pod.

Default Settings

By default, Agones sets up service accounts and sets them appropriately for the Pods that are created for GameServers.

Since Agones provides GameServer Pods with a sidecar container that needs access to Agones Custom Resource Definitions, Pods are configured with a service account with extra RBAC permissions to ensure that it can read and modify the resources it needs.

Since service accounts apply to all containers in a Pod, Agones will automatically overwrite the mounted key for the service account in the container that is running the dedicated game server in the backing Pod. This is done since game server containers are exposed publicly, and generally don’t require the extra permissions to access aspects of the Kubernetes API.

Bringing your own Service Account

If needed, you can provide your own service account on the Pod specification in the GameServer configuration.

For example:

apiVersion: ""
kind: GameServer
  generateName: "simple-game-server-"
  - name: default
    containerPort: 7654
      serviceAccountName: my-special-service-account # a custom service account
      - name: simple-game-server

If a service account is configured, the mounted key is not overwritten, as it assumed that you want to have full control of the service account and underlying RBAC permissions.

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