Canary Testing a new Fleet

Run a small Fleet for the new version of your GameServer to ensure it works correctly, before rolling it out to all your players.

To canary release/test a new Fleet, we can run a small, fixed size Fleet of the new version of our GameServer, while also running the current stable production version.

Allocations can then prefer to come from the canary Fleet, but if all GameServers are already allocated from the canary Fleet, players will be allocated to the current stable Fleets.

Over time, if the monitoring of those playing on the canary Fleet is working as expected, the size of the canary Fleet can be grown until you feel confident in its stability.

Once confidence has been achieved, the configuration for stable Fleet can be updated to match the canary (usually triggering a rolling update). The canary Fleet can then be deleted or updated to a new testing version of the game server process.

Canary Fleet Diagram

Sample GameServerAllocation

To ensure we don’t have to change the Allocation system every time we have a canary Fleet, in this example, we will state that in our system, the label canary: "true" will be added to any canary Fleet in the cluster.

kind: GameServerAllocation
    - matchLabels:
        canary: "true"
    - matchLabels: stable

The above Allocation will then preferentially choose the Fleet that has GameServers with the label and key value ofcanary:"true", if it exists, and has remaining Ready GameServers, and if not, will apply the Allocation to the Fleet named “stable”.

Next Steps

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